Thursday, 3 January 2013

Welcome 2013

Pretty teacups in Paris

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas and new year, the time just seems to fly by. I cannot believe it is all over already, back to reality and lots of deadlines. 

If you are a regular follower of Charlotte’s Web you may have noticed a few changes. Firstly I have a sparkling new domain which is very exciting. Secondly Charlotte’s Web is no more, I have changed my blog name to Photography by Charlotte Eliza King to coincide with my business. I have had LOTS of problems which directing my old domain so if anyone is a computer whizz I would be so grateful for any help and definitely willing to pay if it is a lot of hard work. I also need a similar amount of help with my blog layout. I have got quite bored so am currently looking for someone to design one properly for me as I am a complete troll when it comes to HTML.

If you think you can help with either of these issues or point me in the direction of someone amazing and useful please email or tweet me and I will love you forever or @ourcharr

I can’t believe my blog is two years old now! I feel like I haven’t blogged properly in ages and really need to get back into a routine.

Blogging Resolutions 2013

1. Have a new layout designed (please help point me in the direction of someone lovely)
2. Get into a routine and post more regularly 

I found my post from this time last year so found it really interesting to compare thoughts 'Welcome 2012’ 
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