Sunday, 6 January 2013

Friday I’m in Love #7 (on a Sunday)

Tea  Coffee
What I have been using for my most recent work  Pink house in Brighton
Paris Photo  A Claude Monet 

I have deleted my instagram !!! *shocked face* I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of social media sites I am addicted too. The change in terms of use also played a contributing factor to me deleting my account. At the moment I have a massive love for flickradd me if you are a flick addict! This is going to be the last ‘Friday I’m in Love’ post in the instagram style. I am trying to work out how I am going to lay it out from now on and what pictures to use but I suppose all will be revealed soon enough. 

A few things I am appreciating at the moment:
Being back home over Christmas  My new camera mmmm  Finally finishing my essay after such a long time  Lots of new exciting projects  Decluttering  Massive catch ups with friends  The fresh start of a new year  Being asked to photograph two weddings (even if I’m SO scared)  Planning a new blog design  Having massive clear outs  Feel organised for once  Instax prints  Starting to blog again  Rediscovering old clothes  Creating a capsule wardrobe  Getting compliments on your favourite perfume  Planning travels in the summer  

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