Sunday, 11 November 2012

Friday I’m in Love #6 (on a Sunday)

Similar to most of my weeks this has one has been just as busy. I went home to Bristol which was lovely, I seemed to cram so much into the three days I was there visiting friends, family, in-laws and of course shopping. I am off to Paris on Thursday which I am rather excited about so should come back with a tonne of pictures. I have also got very addicted to Pinterest recently. I tend to go on for about five minutes and stay for an hour, does anyone else get this problem too? I would also love some new people to follow so let me know if you are a regular addict! I am also starting to plan my Christmas shopping and start making my christmas cards so keep your eyes peeled for some crafty posts. I am very lucky my housemates are all very creative so we are all going to christmas craft together. I am excited to learn how to make silver rings (a lot of heat and twisting involved apparently), crochet, knit, make cards, make rings with crystals, plait friendship bracelets and bake lots of christmassy goodies.

Birthday present from the boyf  My cosy bed in Bristol
Instax prints  Cute little tea shop in Arundel
Best wrapping paper Floral bunting 
Practice bridesmaid hair  Evening dress for the wedding Jasper Conran from a charity shop
Art deco bag from a charity shop  Latte from my old restaurant 
Advent calendar already;)  Cute bracelet from my friend Ellie

A few things I am appreciating this week:
My family Bristol Christmas (although it is rather early I am getting excited) ♥ Designer charity shop finds ♥ Fireworks Snuggling up when it is cold outside ♥ Having a fixed boiler  Patchwork quilts  Fluffy blankets  Fresh fruit ♥ Eating out ♥ Catch ups with old friends  The fact I am going to Paris on Thursday ♥ Planning holiday travels to Morocco with the boyf ♥ Surprise presents in the post ♥ Friendship bracelets  Bunting ♥ Art deco ♥ Getting tickets to see Mumford & Sons ♥ Productive evenigns ♥ Hot chocolate ♥ My new instax mini ♥ Pinterest ♥ 
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