Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome to 2012

I haven’t posted very much recently, I’ve been swept along with the chaos of Christmas and New Year however its back to reality tomorrow with college and work. I’ve been thinking a lot about the New Year and what it actually means, in essence it’s just another day but it symbolises so much for almost everyone. These aren’t necessarily resolutions as such, more aims on what I want to achieve over the next 12 months and such. 

New Years Resolutions

1. To get into Brighton University! This especially isn’t just for this year, more a long term goal. Me and the boyf were having a heart to heart last night and I don’t actually mind if I don’t get into University this year, well I’m torn between going and not so if I didn’t get in the decision is made for me. There are a few projects and bits and pieces I want to try out more in Bristol for example window dressing in charity shops, I’ve done it on a few occasions but just can’t find the time at the moment. So if I didn’t get a place to University this year I still have lots options, from a different angle I’m still ridiculously young so there is no rush to do anything. Brighton however is the most amazing place and it would be incredible to live and study there!

2. To see my mum and old friends more. Again this is a long term personal improvement. I'm the worst person at putting in effort and can be incredibly anti-social getting tied up in working and day to day occurrences that I need to stop and look outside of my own little box every so often! I think this is a really important one as I have definitely been drifting away from some of my closest friends what with leaving school, starting college, everyone moving away to University and starting different lives.

3. Take more pictures. Bearing in mind I would like to do photography at university I'm taking less and less photographs. I need to experiment more, play around with cameras, take rolls of films, shoot pointlessly, take snapshots, think outside the box and challenge conventions.

4. To get fit, healthy and loose some weight. I absolutely hate the idea of exercise however after I've actually done something I always feel amazing. I want to change this and actually start to enjoy getting fit, I’ve downloaded a heap of apps and am going to start Zumba with the boyfs mum and sister so hopefully this may end up a more long term past time rather than just a fad for January.

 5. Live for the moment. I get so wrapped up in the future, worrying and thinking about what’s going to happen that I often forget to enjoy the here and now. I need to stop stressing about pointless things and be a more openminded laid back person. This also includes giving people a chance without being so judgemental. If all these succeed it should end up in me being nicer to Nathan who is usually the one who has to put up with the rants, stresses and everything seems to get taken out on him, poor boy. He definitely puts up with a lot <3.

Where to start, it has been such a hectic full on year and has just seemed to fly by. I have finished my A levels, the most proud moment being my A* in photography, this has led on to me starting my Art & Design foundation at Bristol School of Art. I can remember at the time this was the moment stressful thing ever however now it just seems like a normal day to day occurrence. I think this is what getting into Uni will be like, once your there it is just normal however the whole applying and interview process is so horrendous and scary.
I started my blog in the January, initially just being a place to collect my thoughts and post pictures however it’s gone from strength to strength. Watching my page views and followers grow day by day has been amazing, this isn't why do all this in the slightest however seeing the feedback is so nice. I want to thank every body for they’re comments, tweets, emails, messages and any contributions, they always bring a smile to my face and let’s hope 2012 brings even better things.
I also started two jobs in 2011, one being a waitress at Cafe Gusto which didn’t last too long while the other is a sales advisor at H&M, hopefully this is going to last long enough to get me through University. Along with this we’ve moved house for about the third time in two years, hopefully this time it’s going to be for the long haul.
I’ve been to Malia and Egypt with both friends and family, both were amazing holidays for completely different reasons and this year am planning to go to Italy with the boyf, this was another highlight of 2011, starting a relationship with my best friend, it may have had a slightly rocky beginning as our close friends may know however I am so happy right now and everything has turned out for the best.

To conclude I’m going to leave you with a few of my most visited posts from 2011 and a few photos from my new bedroom.

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I’ve also become addicted to Instagram, follow me if you have it @ourcharr it’s the same as my twitter.

Christmas cards from the boyf and my sister
My stepmother made my bed for me :)
Patterned doilies from my stocking.
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