Thursday, 7 November 2013

Is the iPhone 5S all it’s cracked up to be? Plus a cheeky little giveaway

Hello my lovelies! Hope everyone is all fine and dandy and keeping well. I have been making a conscious effort to use the internet a lot less. I have been trying to get outside and do lots of fun things but also have way too much university work and work work on. This past month has been ridiculously chaotic. 

Anyway when Lauren from Arena got in touch asking if I would like to participate in the Three Blogger Penpals programme and have a play with the iPhone 5S how could I decline. She also send me a few little bits for a giveaway, take a look at the end of the post! Being me I don’t think I actually did what I was supposed to do for the project (fill the phone with lots of useful and nice things) so I do apologise to the blogger that came next!! Sorry xxx

Anyone close to me will know I am a bit of a geek and love technology SO as ios7 and Mavericks have just been released what a perfect time to have a play with the 5S. 

Before my current iPhone 5 I had a 4 so I am very interested to see how much the 5 & 5S actually differ. I am sorry Apple but usually the differences between models are so minuscule that normal people find it hard to differentiate and wonder if there is any point in upgrading?

A Few Differences with iPhone 5s
Fingerprint unlocking technology (this is ridiculously cool!)
New colours and aesthetics
Flash is now egg shaped and contains a dual flash which improves photos in low light
A7 chip
Aperture 2.2 (compared to 2.4)

I don’t use my phone anywhere as much as I used to so I thought I would compile a list of my essential applications. I am lacking memory due to a massive song and photo overload so have to be selective in which apps I actually worth keep.

Pinterest - this is my current addiction and time waster
Facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram - what ever are preferred social media sites
Accounts - This is a money app, I am so rubbish at saving so find this really handy in keeping me in check
Evernote - For anyone who is obsessively organised, you can sync it straight to your mac too. Also made by the same people as moleskine notebooks so lotta love for Evernote.
Bloglovin’ - For keeping up to date with my favourite blogs, websites and journals

Miley has not only corrupted our children of today but also our dogs!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

FRANCES WON YAYAYAY Great British Bake Off 2013

Frances is my new favourite thing!! I am so happy she won as her designs and ideas are incredible and she seems like such a lovely kind person. On discovering / stalking her blog last night I have a new idol, she’s such a cutey! Also have a read of this article Ruby wrote for The Guardian, made me laugh, girl power! On another note who else wishes Mary Berry was their granny?!?! Another cutey. 

If you haven’t already noticed my posts are becoming a little more erratic, they seem to emulate whats going on in my brain right now. Going back to uni and working lots is driving me slightly crazy. Hope everyone is well and enjoying October, it’s my 21st next week so I am rather excited. 

I will leave you with a few of Frances’ masterpieces and illustrations, her garden themes were my favourites. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Fabulous Fashionistas, 87 and not giving a toss.

If you haven’t seen this documentary then you really MUST!! I definitely think it’s one of the best I have seen in a while and I have a bit of a documentary obsession so have seen a great many in my time. The average age of the six women followed is 80 and they are all ridiculously active, independent and well dressed for their age. One of the things they all have in common is their determination, spirit and love of life aswell as lots of exercise (urgh one of the things I hate most). I think it might still be on 4od so you should be able to watch it here

Here are a few of their tips on ageing, life and such 
Be remarkable
Don’t be boring
Don’t give a damn
Dress for yourself and do what you want
'I dress unusually for my age’
Be stylish and different
DON’T get botox or surgery ! 
Have a great attitude
Enjoy life 
Be feisty, passionate and campaign 
Have a purpose 
Shop in charity shops
Have your own identity
Have fun 
Put on your clothes for yourself 
Love life and especially love your job
Stretch every morning
Walk and cycle 
Have a steely determination 
Don’t give a toss what anyone else thinks (apart from your husband) 
Never be ageist !! 
You don’t get a second chance so choose life 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Did you get out the wrong side of bed this morning?

I find it so interesting how tiny things can really affect your whole day. The way I start my mornings can affect the rest of my day, my mood, my productivity and the way lots of things turn out. Here are a few things I try to do (obviously not all of them every morning) to ensure I have the best day I can!

+ Wake up early 

+ Get straight up and make the bed 

+ Drink a massive cup of coffee

+ Start work in a tidy space

+ Empty my inbox completely and reply to texts, calls and other messages (See a few of Leo's posts for tips one , two and three)

+ Write a simple to do list

+ Keep an open mind and a positive mindset, after all your the one that decides your mood

+ Leave the house five minutes before I need to

A few other things which are nice in the morning:- eating breakfast in the garden, starting the day with family, house mates or partners, watching the news, cleaning the kitchen, reading, meditating or yoga.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why Coconut Oil is the BEST Eye Make Up Remover

I have been searching for the perfect eye make up remover for years now. I want something good value that actually works, lasts a reasonable amount of time and isn’t filled with hundreds of nasty chemicals - and I think I have found just the thing. Oils are amazing for getting rid of stubborn mascara aswell as subtly moisturising the delicate skin around the eye.  One of the things I love most about coconut oil is that it is solid at room temperature which means a jar this side will last forever. I have had mine about a month now and have used about a cm out of the top of the jar. 

Good Points
+ Organic and 100% natural
+ Versatile (use as a hair mask, intense moisturiser, general make up remover)
+ Edible and can be used in cooking

+ Lasts for absolutely AGES 

Bad Points

- Some people may find it too greasy 

A few other coconut oil lovers; Miranda Kerr , Lauryn from  The Skinny Confidential , Kate from  Nouvelle Daily and last but not least Alex from The Wallflower
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